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The Essential Guide for Stay-at-Home Dads

It is harder to lead a family, than rule an entire nation  -  Chinese Proverb

The first thing I learned as a House Husband was that I did not know as much about this whole parenting thing as I thought I did. It was my experience that there is a lot of weird, funny, unique and bizarre circumstances you find yourself in as a 'House Dad'. When I began this role in supporting my partner in her employment, managing the home, and being the primary carer for our young children, I faced many unexpected challenges. I decided to document my journey to assist other men in this role, and to give women valuable insight into the world of House Dads.

It is much harder to lead a family, without a dishwasher  -  Willems Proverb

This handbook is about a real family that went through an incredible transformation. Becoming a House Husband opened my eyes to a world that I had very little understanding of. It changed my relationship with my children and partner for the better, and although challenging, it was amazing. I am a better man and parent due to this experience, and I have gained many practical insights into parenting that will assist men at home in this role. I trust that you will enjoy reading about my journey, the lessons I learned, how I leaned them, and importantly, enjoying a laugh along the way.

  • ""...Peter decided to tackle the job of a 'House Husband', and found it to be a truly daunting role. Rather than admit defeat, Peter rises to the challenge and makes more than a ..."
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